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South Coast Distillery

Native Black Apple Gin

Native Black Apple Gin

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A very limited first release of only 199 bottles.

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Unleashing an innovative, ultra-limited concept, this release is a must-have for those seeking the extraordinary. From the secluded rainforests along the Australian Eastern Seaboard comes a rare find, the Australian native Black Apple. This gin liqueur captures the essence of this elusive fruit, and in doing so, offers an unparalleled tasting experience.

The isolation and challenging terrain where these fruits grow lend this gin an exceptional distinction. Hand-foraged from a lone 15-meter tree poised precariously on a sharp embankment, the Black Apples were gently steeped in a bespoke gin, designed specifically to showcase their unusual flavours.

The result is a smooth, tantalizing gin offering a one-of-a-kind taste experience. A medley of intriguing notes - fig, white peach, watermelon, apple, and subtle undertones of coconut - gracefully come together in our Native Black Apple Gin.

It's a versatile spirit, perfect to savor neat, over ice, or blended in your signature cocktail, guaranteeing a unique and sophisticated drinking journey.

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