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South Coast Distillery

Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

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A silky luxuriant coffee liqueur, cold brewed with our vodka using beans roasted within 5km of the distillery at Verona Coffee. It is then gently sweetened with natural cane sugar, allowing the delicate complexity of the coffee’s natural flavours to shine.

We use a carefully selected blend of coffee beans, sourced from three renowned origins:

Colombia - Pitalito. Full-bodied with dark chocolate, butterscotch and cherry notes.
Panama - Boquete. Creamy nut flavours with rich caramel toffee and a cinnamon undertone.
Brazil - Minas Gerais. Rich hazelnut milk chocolate with subtle hints of black currant.

Our coffee liqueur is perfectly formed to enjoy neat, deliciously decadent poured
over ice cream, and just fantastic in espresso martinis.

Silver - 2020 Tasting Australia Spirit Awards

Find out more about Verona Coffee here.
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